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If it helps, the acronym means "Rapid Environment for Audio Production, Engineering, and Recording". Maybe if you think that way you can get past the name. S1 is a good product too and, like Reaper, continues to evolve. It depends on which is more suited for how you work. I demo'd S1 for a while, and certain things about it were really well done, but other things worked differently than my preference and I couldn't seem to get past them. Maybe with time I would have adapted, but I'm happy with Reaper and Samplitude, so no need to buy another DAW.

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It's the name Reaper as in Grim Reaper that puts me off, as I don't want to think about death every time I fire up the program.

S1 is great as long as you mostly use VSTIs as opposed to hardware MIDI, because its implementation of that is absolutely primitive.

I'm about to see how I get on with Cubase because of the "external instruments" issue in S1 which they're never gonna change -- and I'm going to be doing a lot more MIDI than audio. The Rent-A model does indeed suck, especially when you factor in that I haven't spent a dime on S1 since 2013, and, no, I haven't felt inhibited in the slightest about remaining on V2.6. The studio musician I know who makes the most money of anyone I know is on Pro Tools 6!

I think we can safely conclude that the current Samp offer (I think it was actually $150, not $199 a few weeks ago!) is the best deal (other than Reaper) out there. I'm sure there's a lot to like about it, I have no doubt. I just think it will be a lot easier to learn Cubase with so many available help videos.

Logic does look alluring but not enough to move to Mac land.