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Good to know! I tried to "bond" with Reaper a few years ago, when Samp's bugs were really bugging me, but it sounds like it deserves another try.

So here's a question you could answer: Which program is buggier?
Try it again and install a theme you like, I'm currently smitten with the Fusion RJ theme. I wouldn't say either are really buggy. I had a few issues with Samp here and there over the years and I think most were audio-interface related. I did take a break from it a while back though but came back to it more recently.

It was during the initial S1 v2 hype I left Samp and I tried S1 but I came to find it was a bit crippled compared to others at the time -worked with Reaper about the same time and felt the same way fwiw-.
I moved over to Cubase and worked with that for a while but there were a few annoying things about that app that drove me nuts and the rent-a-DAW yearly upgrade model was leaving a bad taste in my mouth.

I came back to Samp more recently with that crazy deal they had/have going on. It was like riding a bicycle but this time around I missed all the various features that I liked in the other apps I demo'd and used since my time away from it.

So... I gave Reaper another chance because it's come a long way being rock solid, and fully featured. And more importantly the big thing for me is you can tailor it to have the look, feel, and workflow you like in other apps.
I created a template that suits my needs, it's a bit like a "best of DAW" for me. I'm using Samp for post production now as it's an incredibly powerful audio editor and I know it like the back of my hand.