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You've got to kidding. NLS is one of the most EXTREME, over-the-top mixing console emulations ever made. When you start to drive the individual channels, it gets absolutely insane. The "Mike" or Abbey Road console emulations are exceptionally prone to incredibly wonderful saturation, and every single channel has a different character, which becomes more and more pronounced the harder you drive it. The Slate Digital VCC, by comparison, is exactly what I'd consider "weak" in comparison. Not to say it's not a great plug, but it doesn't have anywhere near the level of character and saturation you get with NLS. It's not even in the same ballpark.
I am not kidding when talking bout audio stuff, may be the word "weak" I chose was too much, but I just find it with not as much character as other tools. Any way I do not own the NLS, but worked with it on several occasions and it just did not work for me.

I really like the UBK and the VCC Mixbuss on the main bus with just a touch of them and some touch of hardware Vulture ... it sounds great this way.

Also, tastes are by the thousands. If you find it as useful .. well good for you then.