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Old 13th November 2018
Here for the gear

I do not know which topic this should go...

Has anyone tried the Creative SXFI yet? With the head and ear profiling algorithm, it seems to be able to naturally create the space to make headphones sound like you're listening over monitor speakers with the interactions between the L and R speakers. However, each device would be customized to only one person because of the ear and head profile to obtain the correct transfer function which they claim is necessary to reproduce the correct imaging.

So far I'm impressed with it enough now with their latest app to want to share this over this forum. Previously there seemed to be some bugs with the algorithm that did not reproduce the steering to the right channel correctly and equalization was off. Now these seem to be fixed and I think I am now confident enough to use it for a mix. The main advantage would be being able to mix in the middle of the night without disturbing anyone. The other advantage would be that the low end is not plagued by room resonance... yeah!! I think it's a viable alternative to the Focusrite VRM.

Another downside as of now is that there are no ASIO drivers available. (Their primary target market is unfortunately not for this purpose...) I will most likely be bugging them for a useable ASIO driver so that I can use with my DAW.