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the sound difference is huge, you can't imagine that you used the same setting.
yes I'm really amazed!

With the Mullards, the hammer acts more like that huge Steinway that I've recorded ;- ) : more weighty, with a bigger body, more open. But you're right the punch is not that obvious as it would be with drums or even bass guitars etc... so I am looking forward to listen to your test results.

And the Mullards reproduce the dynamic, spatial and tonal complexities better in busy/congested musical moments: better resolution specially in the mids.
Or maybe the original Tubes are not just the right ones for this device!

I just can say, it was a great investment to buy both the TubeTech and these new Tubes, thanks to you Teebaum.

* update: the mullards sound even better after a short break in (4-5 hours only).
** update 2 after several days: the already very good tt stepped a new level of quality with the M8137 (or maybe will with any other good tubes as well, except the original ones). Besides other improvements in the mids and basses, the Highs are now like a sweet dream.