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Compared to my experiences with Pro Tools, both are light years better for reliability and lack of bugs. Overall, both have been reliable, while PT continues to be a buggy piece of crap. The short answer is that I don't think one is better than the other. Neither is perfect, both are very good.

I had a couple of plugin compatibility issues with Reaper, but otherwise it works quite well. As for Samplitude, most of my problems with it have been with bigger projects. It bogs down on my system (an older PC) if I add too many plugins. Playback stutters and it becomes hard to work. Reaper uses a technique called "Anticipative FX" which pre-calculates some of the FX processing, and on my system I can get roughly double the number of plugins as Samplitude. I've never had a project get too big for Reaper. If you have a powerhouse system or only do smaller projects, that shouldn't be an issue. For comparison, I get about the same amount of FX in Samplitude as Pro Tools, but Reaper beats both by a very large margin.

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Good to know! I tried to "bond" with Reaper a few years ago, when Samp's bugs were really bugging me, but it sounds like it deserves another try.

So here's a question you could answer: Which program is buggier?