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Here for the gear
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Like many, I've always thought Samplitude was greatly underappreciated. I'm a long-time Samplitude user who has also been using Reaper the last 2+ years. I spent the time to learn both, and I still use both. Previously I did an album in Pro Tools, then one in Samplitude, and another still in Reaper.

I hate Pro Tools. It is bloated, inefficient, and unbelievably tempermental. i have a hard time finding anything good to say about it. Between Reaper and Samplitude, I use Reaper more. While your opinion is that you can do anything you can think of in Samp, I think that description applies more to Reaper. It is an astounding piece of software. The power, flexibility, and efficiency are unparalleled. But like that German car, what Samplitude does well, it does extremely well. It's still my favorite for editing, though Reaper comes close. It's auto-crossfade mode is worth its weight in gold. But Reaper is far more efficient and flexible overall.

One thing about Samplitude is that the pace of development appears to have slowed down quite a bit, almost to a crawl. There are not many new features appearing. I'm guessing the developers have moved on to other projects and only work in Samp periodically. That's how it feels anyway. In contrast, Reaper is constantly moving and evolving. It's an extremely small development team (two programmers, I think) yet they are constantly creating new features and improving old ones.

For someone buying new, I would suggest Reaper, but Samplitude is still an excellent product.
Good to know! I tried to "bond" with Reaper a few years ago, when Samp's bugs were really bugging me, but it sounds like it deserves another try.

So here's a question you could answer: Which program is buggier?