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Originally Posted by shamelesssounds View Post
i was curious how the Tube Tech HLT2A would sound if I only replace
the two nr.1 tubes, as the developer is of the mind that only these
two would provoke a tonal alteration (ref. Teebaum's earlier posts).

So I replaced the two 1st Tubes (L/R) with
Mullard M8137, as I had great experiences with Mullard,
when I had the Thermionic Phoenix "11th anniversary edition".
(although it uses another Mullard M-Tubes).

- Converter: Hapi

Self-Service (I also upload a picture of settings):

Original File (24/96)

Original Tubes of TT HLT2A

Mullard M8137 Tubes

the sound difference is huge, you can't imagine that you used the same setting.
the original tubes sound snuffy, the mullard much more open, whereby I would like to listen in again tomorrow with fresh ears, the brightness could also come from more saturation.
the version with the mullards also seems to be much louder, something that is not confirmed by the measurements, but rather by the brightness and possibly by saturation.

your sound sample makes it a bit difficult for me to clearly recognize saturation, moreover, it is difficult for me to estimate the punch and lowend range of your sample.

i ordered the same mullards after your mail and now these new cryo-tubes from jj.
i will make a comparison of all diveser tubes to find the optimal combination for me!