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Cool -- is that offer expired? I could use another license, but couldn't find it.

Sadly, it sounds like their "no marketing" strategy is catching up with them. It seems that, as the brands copy from each other, there's less and less to differentiate one DAW from the other, and it comes down more to marketing and pricing.

As I've said, my love for Samp is partly due to our long years together. I know it like my favorite guitar. My requirement from a DAW is minimal left-brain exertion, because I'm a musician, not an engineer. One first encounter, Samp may not seem "intuitive," but over time it's become, for me, very much so. It mostly just stays out of the way and lets me make music...
Save 90% off Samplitude Pro X3 Suite incl. X4 Upgrade & SpectraLayers Pro 5

Notice that at the end of that page you see the Samplitude slogan: "the engineer's choice." I don't know everything, but I don't think that's going to appeal to creatives, particularly ones just starting out.

That said, it is a rather startling offer when you consider all the extras on offer. I definitely thought about it!