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Here for the gear
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As I'm not really familiar with all the ins and outs of X, I'm not here to tell you that your Samplitude love is misplaced. But how do you explain how Magix basically can't even give it away? While I don't have access to their recent sales figures, their recent offer of roughly $150 for all kinds of good stuff including the next version of X, Wavelab, and a bunch of other goodies didn't seem to generate much of a buzz.

I suspect that as you suggest X runs very well and is very powerful. That said, it still looks a lot like an engineering environment which may be why it doesn't appear to be a compelling purchase for creative types.
Cool -- is that offer expired? I could use another license, but couldn't find it.

Sadly, it sounds like their "no marketing" strategy is catching up with them. It seems that, as the brands copy from each other, there's less and less to differentiate one DAW from the other, and it comes down more to marketing and pricing.

As I've said, my love for Samp is partly due to our long years together. I know it like my favorite guitar. My requirement from a DAW is minimal left-brain exertion, because I'm a musician, not an engineer. One first encounter, Samp may not seem "intuitive," but over time it's become, for me, very much so. It mostly just stays out of the way and lets me make music...

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