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Hey RNC users: do you experience a significant noise floor when you use this compressor? Mine is pretty stinkin noticeable.

Acoustic guitar > SM57 > RNP > RNC > Apogee Quartet > LPX.

It’s even unpleasantly present when I use my 414 in the same chain. Does this sound fishy to you all? Hopefully so- I want to do what I need to to unlock the legendary quality of this box!
You may have unusual radio interference in your area (transmission lines or TV/radio broadcast antennas) or some unfiltered hash riding on your AC lines. One of the quirks of the RNC products is that they are not balanced devices, and thus are more prone than balanced devices to pick up much more of such interference. That doesn’t necessarily explain the 414 noise problem, but it could be some version of the same basic problems.