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Old 9th November 2018
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I definitely applaud going hybrid, if that is the approach you want to take, but keep in mind that it's an expensive undertaking. It's not hard to spend a whole bunch of cash for not much real world improvement in sound/work flow, especially when buying up a lot of cheap gear.

I almost want to say you'll do yourself more of a favor by keeping much of your compression ITB and having a few key outboard pieces for a few key aspects of your workflow, rather than having a lot of cheap clones OTB.

I've worked in several hybrid rooms and built a couple of hybrid rigs myself. Here's what I've come up with over the years. Take this in the spirit that it's given and of course, YMMV.

Vocals and bass guitar are two of the more wildly dynamic instruments we record. To that end, I like to track both with a little compression and plan to add a little more in the mix. Therefore, I tend to plan for outboard pieces here.

I like to mix into a bus compressor, so I definitely want something to strap across the 2 mix.

I typically like to employ bus compression on drums, so I'll plan to have another 2 channel comp for this purpose.

I'll usually want a little compression on kick and snare going to tape - not much, just some. I try to make sure the comp I'm going to use for the drum bus in the mix will also serve this purpose.

Ditto with overheads and the mix bus comp.

Most everything else, I'll compress in the DAW.

That's 4 pieces of outboard instead of a lot. Focusing on those few key pieces also means you can afford to spend more per piece. You can more easily afford pieces you'll want to keep.

Just food for thought.