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Best cheap compressors (hardware) in 2019?

Hi all!!

I have a project studio with some quality gear (nice mic pres, mics and conversion) but until now I've mostly compressed in the box.
I am thinking in the near future of getting a decent old desk (Allen and Heath, Souncraft Ghost, Crest..) and an array of compressors as I'd like to shift towards a more live or partially live recording workflow instead of overdubs.
Working faster, and mostly help musicians crafting music that sounds more real/alive, is the goal.
(also less plugins/less mousing more knob turning)
Basically moving towards a more hybrid system, using the daw like a tape machine/editing tool.

A few years ago you had to go second hand to find decent dynamic processors for cheap.
But now with all the classics clone frenzy it looks like the game has changed.
Is it better to go for things like Klark Teknik, Warm Audio or Stam???
Where I am I can get KT76s for under 160€ new and KT2As for 240 which sounds too good to be true.
I've never heard them yet (a part from the KT76)
I am aware they won't sound exactly like the real deal... (especially the vintage oned)
I don't want them to make my material sound harsh either.
Or should I look for older but proven midrange pieces? (dbx..drawmer)
So...what to buy to bring lots of compressors to my studio without breaking the bank :-)
I am also open to api 500 format comps..but it's not a necessity spacewise.
It should not be more that 500/piece average as I need to invest in a lot more already with the desk, cabling...patchbay.
I'm also open to vintage gear..even though it's generally above that price range.
Thanks a million in advance for your insight!

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