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Having tried or owned just about any (well, many) compressor pedals, I kept three pedals for regular use. For me the wet/dry mix knob that many newer models have is essential to retain some meat in the tone.

EHX Tone Corset : best name, cheap and good. Has a very smooth sound and doesn't add treble. has wet/dry knob.

Xotic SP Compressor: very clean, also with wet/dry knob and some internal options. More 'sparkly' sounding than the EHX, more of a 'California' sound to my ears. Great if your basic sound is not too bright already.

AnalogMan CompRossor; still my fave, the newer models have a wet/dry knob, mine doesn't have it but works great on lower setting (which I use anyway on all comp pedals).

Worst compressor pedal I ever used; Jangle Box: shrill and uninspiring sound, hype.
On the Xotic SP, one other note: it has a @#$%load of gain available as well. Great for punching up leads with a touch of extra sustain. PLUS, the thing is a lot quieter than most others I've used.