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Honestly, I haven't spent enough time with Saturn. Regarding the Kronos; the onboard sampler isn't going to give you any kind of 'sound' or character. Any modern sampler is going to reproduce nearly perfectly, whatever you put into it.
I’ve spoken with people who tell me the Kronos sampler sounds amazing, I would assume it’s as good as the original motif which was released in 2001-2003 and that thing has character and sound I’ve been trying to recreate and can’t do so ITB, I can get about 90% of the way there with heavy plug-in treatment. Korg also has tons of samplers that are used everywhere and give off an amazing sound, saturation and character as well, I would assume their flagship workstation has a great sampler that adds depth and saturation, I would consider the motif to be modern and have a modern sampler, are you saying that it produces exactly what I put into it nearly perfectly? cause its sounds so much warmer fuller and rich after sampling into it and I would assume the Kronos is not to far off of that.

obviously I'm not talking about loading samples but actually sampling/recording them into the unit