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Originally Posted by Nyroh View Post
Anyway, is it possible to remove the mapping eventually? In case I wanna use the original one
For sure.
But before I describe anything, it's important that you understand that different DAWs have different approaches to how accessible they make their map files.

Presonus and Softube are very good at letting you go in and modify stuff easily.

The directions I can give are only going to be relevant to Studio One, which is the daw I use.
If you are not using Studio One, then this info will be of limited value.

You can revert back to your 'vanilla' mapping any time you like.
Back up the original MackieControl.surface file, found in:
Program Files>Presonus>Studio One 'x'>devices>Mackie>Control

All you're doing is replacing that file with an identically named one which contains the new/edited mappings that are unique to the main control unit.

There is also a MackieShared file which contains scripts for features common to both the main unit and extender units, but you don't need to worry about that for the basic remapping that I've done here.

Originally Posted by Nyroh View Post
How are you doing your mappings? Using scripts? Is there any tutorial?
It's just an xml file, and the control names for each customisable button and LED are listed at the start of the file.
It's nopt only xml though. The .surface file also relies on java scripts, that I know little about at this point in time, and the deeper functionality like the sends tweaks you mentioned are going to need to be addressed via javascript.

There are no tutorials available, so it's just a case of looking at the other .surface files inn the 'devices' folder to see how the things you want to achieve are done, and then applying it to the file for the device/s you have.

Originally Posted by Nyroh View Post
Hey @ Quetz I would really, really like to know how to change the script like you're doing
I eventually understood how to do what I wanted but can control the F buttons only since they're the only ones you can midi map without using the script

How are you doing that?
All the info and commands you need are in the dropbox folder. I'll link it here again:
Dropbox - X-Touch Remap for Studio One - Simplify your life

You will find a complete list of all the addressable commands in Studio One in the 'Global Mapping Commands' file.

Open up the MackieControl.surface file and just have a look, everything will become much clearer, and you will see how functions can be changed and replaced.

To use the mappings, just cut the existing MackieControl.surface file out of the devices folder and put it somewhere safe as mentioned above, and paste the new one in.

Follow the instructions in the ReadMe to get the simple macros added and then you will have all the functionality described in the maplist in the Readme.

From there you can customise it to suit your own needs.
Make sure you have a logical system for naming known good configurations, and don't make too many changes at once, as it'll be harder to pin down any errors.