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Ok, that's a good tip. Thanks. Is it due to the directionality of the upper frequencies?

I also enjoy Blumlein with ribbons for the reasons you state. The imaging with Blumlein is pure fun to listen to.

I need to experiment more with the card/omni Faulkner array, myself. Someone on GS, I remember reading, has espoused Blumlein combined with AB.
David Spearritt uses Blumlein fig8s flanked with omnis technique sometimes, I suspect mainly on smaller ensembles, but now uses Blumlein with omni room mics more often I understand.

Interestingly (I think) for a couple of days in the week of the 17th December, I will be recording violin and piano in one of the schools which Alan Blumlein attended as a pupil, and again using Blumlein fig8s!

A change of seating in the room has seen a marked improvement in the acoustic over the last time I recorded there, some 33 years ago. Wow! That passed quickly!

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