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Hi Ian


You can train your senses to know what to listen for and of course watch for facial expression changes and other more violent reactions in the well nailed down studio cat

But....there doesn't seem to be that much interest in this?

I hope that this isn't trick or treat?

It is Halloween week after all!

At least I can say that I visited a graveyard this Halloween....I logged back in to Gearslutz to discuss vintage Neve stuff

I can't really say whether I can hear something or not, unless I can hear to speak

But there is certainly no 'arm in looking for it or trying to 'ear it

Excuse me for the 'alloween chopped off bits....but they bring us nicely to the next 'nasty point'

'Can you hear those tiny nuances and 'why' seems to be one of the most contentious and long-winded things discussed on Gearslutz regarding Neve modules...amongst other fangs

I really don't want to drag a skeleton out of the closet and I was trying to avoid much as the claws and sharp teeth of a freshly 'un-nailed' studio cat

At risk of creating a bloody Halloween mess and as it is dark, damp, cold and raining, as is usual these days...and as it IS Halloween, I will tackle it via the 'MASKING' issue...

Masking is horrible and scary!

Like....deliberately adding purposefully, artificially generated pink noise to hide even more nasty digital 'leftovers' and 'lost number' crap at VERY LOW levels indeed, in a digital audio signal

This in itself shows that these very low level tiny digital gremlins are audible....or otherwise, why bother to mask them?

Plus, back in the studio....

Ohhh look...TODAY the cobwebs in my vintage console look like decorations!

Don't forget that say in a 40 channel + 32 mixdown channel Vintage Neve we have 72 input amplifiers alone, plus hundreds more in both parallel and series paths all contributing perhaps identical, or at least similar, tiny delicious analogue nuances

During mixing, using all 72 inputs, eq plus aux sends and returns et al, those artefacts, including the characteristics of the amplifiers creating those tiny nice nuances, could just as easily be coherent as incoherent and add substantial sonic contributions whilst not being masked by incoherent natural noise which should indeed not be audible until fade out....which is what I myself will now do, before I turn into a pumpkin

Steve Butterworth

Professional Audio System Technology

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