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Couple of years ago, I was in Ireland on a business trip. Asked one of my co-workers if she wouldn't mind, giving me a ride to work. Had no idea I had just made a lewd comment to her. Re: 'Spaz'... It's news to me, that it offends some folks. Knowing that it does, I may try and be more careful in using it. I am more careful who I ask for a ride..

Back to earwax though.. Truly, the mineral oil thing, has been a great thing for me. I mentioned it in my previous post here... but just a few drops, soak for a few minutes.. and my ears were spotless, when I went in to have them cleaned at the Drs offices. I do it now on a monthly basis... and my ears have never been cleaner. I wear hearing aids in both ears... and they let you know if you have wax buildup. Not so much with regular mineral oil treatments.