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Old 5th November 2018
They usually want money for "Travel Expenses" so they want to send you a check for some large amount from which you will take your studio charges and then give the rest to the band, artist or van driver. At some time in the future the check they gave you is bounced for NSF (not sufficient funds) and you are out the cash you gave them plus your studio fees. One studio I know got ripped off for $3500. Everything seemed legit and the studio owner even called the bank the check was drawn on to make sure there were funds in the account, which there were. By the time the check wound its way through the banking system the funds were long gone. The same scenario was used for credit card payments.

This was a big problem for Ebay in its early days. It is one reason that PayPal was established. Once the funds are in PayPal it is impossible for them to be withdrawn at a later date.