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Hi Justin,
Unfortunately SEO isn't a magic pill that you can give your website, despite what some agencies will try to sell you. All sites 'should' employ seo practices unless your word of mouth for your business is so good you don't need any more new clients. A web site should be part of a business's marketing plan, but how much time and money do you want to spend on this bit of marketing with no guarantees? You can always go for paid ads with google and facebook but make sure your site is designed in a way that is going to convert your visitors, encourage them to buy your service in other words.

I do freelance web design work myself and teach computer science at university. I also like music. You will see one of my sites ranking #1 if you perform a google search: school assembly orlando or try: school assembly tampa
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Note SEO isn't a bit of code you can add to your site, it is something that is dynamic and is also impacted by external forces.
The whole site should be designed with good seo practices from the ground up in my opinion.

If you are referring to the site in your signature, I noticed it doesn't have any analytics set up. Before you can start trying to improve seo, you need to measure your web sites's performance and then determine what is the actual problem you are trying to solve. Hit me up if you have any questions.