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I just want to know, what is the job market like for audio engineers? If I get a degree,
Degree or no degree, in this field degrees are useless. There are Tens of thousands of talented engineers with a lot of experience that cannot find a job to make a living as an audio engineer. A lot of big studios have closed, I mean a lot and all those engineers are out of work and looking. so stand in line and im sure who ever hires will only hire an engineer with credits to their name and lots of experience. Its just how it goes and most of the time, its who you know. no studsio wuill hire you out of school. They will hire someone that has a lot of experience and knowledge and credits over someone who just graduated.

If you are one of the lucky ones who can find an internship and I mean lucky., There are only few studios who still do this and there are millions of engineers who will compete with you for it. But if you win the intern lottery, you will basically work for free for a few years, getting lunch, cleaning the toilets, washing cars (yes, I've seen it) and what ever else they want to make you do. you will do everything, but audio engineering stuff, basically, but them consider yourself lucky
I now am quite interested in music and getting a degree in audio engineering sounds quite fun!
Its awesome!!!