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Old 1st November 2018
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I have a BSS Blu-160 that I was given and was wondering what people's opinions are on using it as a studio preamp. Is it a high quality preamp?
Its not your tradition studio pre-amp. But If you have it, try using it and see how it sounds to you.

Its all about personnel preferences when it comes to things like this. AS everyone will have different opinions on things that effect the signal.

It does gain adjustments in 6dB steps which would be a negative, but how would it stack up quality wise to a standalone preamp?
Which studio pre-amp? There are thousands of them. I'm sure its better than some of them, (buts its personnel l preferences that determines this) but this is not a traditional pre-amp as i said. So you are comparing apples to watermelons. Just try it and see if you like it. Its the best way to see if you like it..