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Here for the gear
Beacon Midi - A unique iOS app for live and studio applications

Beacon Midi is an iOS app that automates midi controls by the proximity value of a beacon BLE device.
The fields of application are various. From live-theater to studio recording applications.
It connects to any DAW application and sends midi values to midi controllers.
Easy to configure.

Example root: Beacon device --> iOS device --> usb-midi or wireless midi --> Logic Pro X or any DAW

A theatrical application example.
- Control the amount of a reverb plugin of each actor by his/her proximity on the audience, front of stage. Wearable beacon on each actor.
- Play notes ,sounds Fxs by the proximity effect, similar to a theremin.
- Dimmer lights by sending midi values to a light midi-controlled console.

And many other applications...

Beacon Midi on the App Store

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