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I don't think 10 positions will be enough
here's a few more to add to the list:
SND SAM-16 (high quality, no longer made)
two of Doepfer's sequencers Schaltwerk
I had this one, sold it, instant regret: Regelwerk both also out of production
This one was used by a few famous british bands Analogue Solutions Oberkorn
And this monster: Analogue Solutions Megacity

And then there's the modular stuff! Make Noise Renee, Winter Modular Eloquencer, Intellijel Metropolis. So many!

Best? I think the Cirklon and the SAM-16, as well as the before mentioned Yamaha and Akai (JJ OS), are regarded as very good.
I still use my E-MU Command Station's sequencer. So for me that's the best one.
But I'm positive others will disagree.