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Old 31st October 2018
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John Lennon "It can't get no worse".

But LA has a big problem or should I say problems.
The traffic has always been bad but now its reaching all-time highs or should I say lows.
The city has green-lit MANY (too many) large construction projects. And the infrastructure just cant handle it. Electric, Sewer, water, parking and of course a 14~16 hour rush hour traffic. The fact is that we will see many pros move out. Oh and the homeless problem here is a national disgrace and I have to think that walking through all the trash will have to impact the marketability of this city.

Many movies are shot in right-to-work states and the post and finishing comes back to LA. New York already had their real estate issues and saw the closing of MANY recording studios and post facilities. If I can edit in Nevada or Utah or Arizona and have a pretty stable financial structure then I have to believe that's where a lot of business will go. As I see it, LA seems pretty phukd for the future.

Granted, its been good to me but I've seen many of my highly-skilled colleagues lose what would be considered rock-stable jobs. ....Even Dolby with their best stock prices in years lays off half their Dolby Cinema Support engineers....and right after they sign a terrific deal for Apple TV. It's what's happening. I just don't have to be happy about it!

My 2 cents...