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Make sure to test for your needs

Despite the fact you can read some very elaborated posts on gearslutz I would recommend everybody trying to get a suitable comp to really test a few boxes!

I was very close to make the mistake to judge based on various reviews that at a first glance seemed very plausible and was about to buy a Diamond Comp which is undoubtedly a nice device. But I figured it was not the right thing for me because it compresses rather smooth than what I want for funky rhythms. Yes indeed, it does introduce nearly no audible noise and passes the signal very clean.

But either I'm the one who got all this compression thing wrong or some buyers did. I'm saying this because: I read a lot of comments stating that the MXR Dyna Comp would have a bad SNR compared to a Diamond. I can't go with that. What compression does by purpose is to make up the gain of an incoming signal and duck it where it exceeds the threshold. So it's just obvious that A) a source's noise floor is not gonna be ducked when notes fade out and B) this noise floor is gained in volume just as much as the incoming musical signal so -> A device who has a smaller compression ratio is more than likely to introduce less noise – no wonder.

But just let me know if I'm the one who got something wrong.