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these Mics are built by MWL "Mechanischen Werkstätten Lensahn" in the years
1947 and 1948. The founder of MWL was Hans-Karl von Willisen. This man
established a few years later the famous TAB Company and designed the holy
V76!! Now you can imagine the quality of this mic
Very important: It is the only West-German post war Bottle Mic with highest
quality standards! It uses a completely new tube design with full frequency
response. A CMV3 is very limited here, also in the Studio
The BV-30a is based on a Hiller MSC2 and Telefunken AC701 just like the M49.
I´ve made a pic of the Info from the "Braunbuch". It shows the BV-30a and the
M49. The description under it says: "The old and the new Condensermicrophone"


The BV-30a is the direct precursor of the M49!
At that time german Broadcast wanted smaller Microphone-versions and not
that kind of monster, especially the TV-Broadcast. So, they designed a miniature
Version: the M49. - ...and the BV-30a is the "Big Mother"
The BV-30a comes original with a B-M15 Capsule. You can turn the capsule to
change the characteristic. A Masterpiece! ...never seen that before.


It sounds a little different to a M7, but very good!
Of course you can also use a M7...
The Transformer is a real Monster! Also, I´ve never seen this dimension in a
microphone... (maybe CMV3
Because of the short period of production, they made just a few of these
Microphones. Not more than 500. After war, material for this kind of production
was very rare. Just like other AC701-Mics you need a Neumann N52 Power Supply.
If you are an owner of one of this Microphones you were very lucky!
This is one of best and rarest Mics ever made!!!
It beats my U47 most of the time.
Best through a V76


@ stereolab s
Excellent info Schiwo!
To resurrect an old thread.

I just bought a MAIHAK BV-30 bottle mic. THIS ONE!
My happy trigger finger and late night brain impulses going: -Just do it, you had a ruff week, you deserve it, Do it! BUY IT!! Made me buy something I actually have very little knowledge of and have never heard other than the wonderfull sounding soundcloud link in the ad.

your post above makes me wonder if this might share the same innards/design as the MWL BV-30 you are referring to being the precursor of the M49?
Any knowledge about this?

Judging from the soundcloud link and comparing that sound to a CMV563+M7 it has such a smooth silky non sibiliant but still clear top end and a thick mid that IMO a CMV563 could never acheive. In my mind this do sound close to how I imagine a M49 sounds. (I have only played with Flea 49)

Cmmon! Just give me some nice words and say that I bought something incredible so I can go on with my life...

Thank you for your time!