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I don’t make my living from music but from what I can see, those who do are pretty constantly doing some music-related work. I mean they’re not sitting down in front of the TV after a day’s work, they’re prepping for a band gig, or a teaching session, or trying to line up a show to play. Successful composers for media may only have one job, but it’s long hours and lots of work.

If I were in your shoes knowing what little I know, I’d say two things:

1) Start making music creation a regular part of your life, even just a little, but keep at it. You already have that compulsion to make music, but it’s easy to get in your own way and distract yourself. Try to build that habit and it’ll benefit you a lot even if you decide you don’t want to try to make money from it.

2) If you want to get paid, get your face and your music out there. You’ve got to be knocking on doors, finding people who are looking for music, whether that’s through Facebook or a label page or down the pub or at a premiere of a local indie film. Keep at it for YEARS. It’s a ton of work, and it probably won’t work anyway. But if there’s a common thread to the stories of how famous / professional musos got that way, it’s that they were constantly out there in the world playing and presenting their music, and not taking no for an answer when they saw a chance, any chance at all, to get their foot in the door.

If you do both, worst case scenario is you’ll make music, hopefully some of which you like, and you’ll have a bunch of real experience about whether you can get paid or not, and whether the effort is worth it.