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I’m really enjoying the MM27s right now.
I came from Focal Shape 65s, which some have said are similar to Adam A7x (don’t know that for fact as I’ve never tested both side by side, it’s just what I’ve read online)

I don’t feel like the Barefoots are as Low Mid forward as the shapes were. But the true mid higher mid seems to be there just as much in my room at least. I agree that speakers should be tested in your room, just because the BFs work great for me doesn’t mean they will be perfect for your room as well. I don’t have a problem with the highs on them, like some do, In fact I find the highs to be very correct and by that I mean if it sounds too bright or harsh than the mix is actually too bright and harsh. I’ve had the BFs for almost 3 months now and the translation on them to other systems is better than anything I’ve ever worked with.
See if you can try a few different brands out. A lot of seem to think ATC is the king of Mid forward so that may be a good option as well. I have not personally heard any ATCs in my room so I can’t really compare.