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Old 26th October 2018
Here for the gear
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Hey Ivandovich,

I'm happy to hear that you like dearVR!
Concerning your mono-issues:
The 2-channel format is part of the core concepts for binaural audio, as it models the way we hear naturally, which of course also happens with 2 ears.
binaural audio is the 3D Audio Format with the least amount of channels (for example as opposed to ambisonics with a minimum of 4) but it cannot work with only 1 channel.
Because of that, dearVR is designed to convert mono or stereo to binaural (1 or 2 channel to 2 channels) / mono or stereo to ambisonics (1 channel to 4, 8, or 16 channels)

Of course, we're always excited to see dearVR used in new ways, but we can't give any assurance of a mono-output behavior.
That is why we generally don’t recommend playing back the mix in Binaural Output Mode. For this you should probably stick to the Stereo Output mode.