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I moved a moderately sizeable studio from the UK to Singapore back in June.
It massively helps if you have original boxes for things- I had the original boxes for about 70% of what I owned.

The rest either went into rack cases or I made up boxes for them- for instance my Dynaudio BM6a's had to be double boxed to protect the speaker cones.
My Kii Three monitors I had the boxes for and they would be a complete pain otherwise.

Anything I had the boxes for still got wrapped in bubblewrap and wrapped in paper or boxed again.
Some things, like my SSL Nucleus 2, was put in its original packing (2 boxes), then wrapped in bubble wrap and boxed again.
Large keyboards (such as Matrixbrute) were triple boxed.
The piano and any screens (TV's, computer monitors, iMac 27") were individually crated.

This might seem extreme but I've done quite a few international moves now and I've had things get broken when I don't take the proper precautions.

Everything was crated (we had a 40ft container) and the most important thing is an insurance policy for replacement value in the country you are moving to.
In our case that was hugely expensive because Singapore is expensive for music gear.

Nothing arrived broken though but if the container had been lost (it happens) then I'd have been able to replace everything.

This is what we started with:

This is what it all looked like before we put it in the crates: