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Don't worry Syntonica, I was making do with my 2008 MBP prior. Up until a few years back that still did me for what I was doing in terms of composing (I woodshedded for a while) - it's still a useable machine live, just not for the next projects. This MBP will see me for years yet (hence the 1TB drive). That's the only reason I was willing to spring for this obscene price as a non-professional. I now have at least 6 Macs sitting around from my plus through 3 laptops. This had better last ... and hopefully without all the repairs I needed for the last one
It actually does me just fine EXCEPT if I whip out an analog VST (Diva, Oxium, They all tend to eat up 20-50% of my CPU, depending on the patch. For some reason, bell sounds really spike the CPU, regardless of VST. The FM implementation, maybe?

Unfortunately, I can't afford the latest and greatest and I won't buy another Mac until I can get a significant increase in CPU power for under $500. Which will happen the 2nd of Never!