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Old 25th October 2018
Here for the gear

Hi guys, I’ve been using JD-XA intensively for almost 2 years and this noise issue has never been a big problem for me. I noticed it immediately and It’s present in every unit I have tried so far, but you can hear it clearly only if you set “drive” and amp to high levels. I’m used to noise, since I’m not so young anymore and back in the 80-90 lot of keyboards and synth were a little bit noisy. DX-7, D-50…It’s not so high and it’s not a big problem for me, let’s put it this way… it adds “character” to the sound :D
Other recent analog gear have problems like this. For instance, Prophet 08 has heavy audio bleeding through its filters and if you modulate VCA with high intensity modulations you can hear strange noises… MS-20mini has a very high noise in VCA… there’s noise also in Arturia mini and micro brutes… I think that noise in JD-XA is nothing compared to this.
That’s my thoughts about it… in the end I like JD-XA very much and I’m still having great time with it.
I’m sorry if I will not be able to answer questions following to this message I’m quite busy these days, working with synth prototypes… I can’t tell you anything… but stay tuned for some Roland news @ NAMM 2019