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Sorry about your experience,

I own a few Presonus hardware (Sceptre S8, R65, faderport 8 then 16) and everything is working flawlessly. Never had a single issue for the last 2 years.

Unfortunately what you are describing is quite common from customer support especially from companies who are selling cheap equipment (more customers, more unexperienced customers, longer response time etc...)

Entering a credit card number is also part of the process for many companies when requesting an RMA. It costs time to check and troubleshoot a product and from my experience, the problem comes many times from the user and not really the gear (damages, doesn't read the instructions etc...) A customer Support needs to make sure the user is willing to pay if the problem is not part of the warranty policy.

Imo, Presonus is a pretty solid company and their last range of products are very good for the price.

It's indeed a good idea to escalate to a manager when you're not happy with the service. Good luck!