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Old 24th October 2018
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Thoughts on DIY corner trap

I've browsed this site for a few days, I have a couple questions on fabricating a corner bass trap.

I have seen a few builds using triangular pieces of Safe N Sound, I would like to do the same. Just curious if this is effective for peaks of 40-60hz, and would removing the tip of the triangular wedge that faces the corner leaving about 5-6" of air gap help?

I was thinking about using Tri Traps but given their price point, I'm considering going floor to ceiling with 24" wide Safe N Sound wedges.

For those that have done this, how well did it tame your bass peaks?

Would the wedges perform better with a full triangular shape, tucked into the corner, or like I stated earlier, cut that one point off and leave a small air gap in the corner?