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As a last resort before I unhooked it to ship away I started flipping the ground lift switch and the phase reverse switch a few times. It started working. I might've heard a click inside from the amplifier or if I might've just heard the click of the switches. It's unclear which switch did it but one of them made it work immediately.

Their support still sucks. I told them so again.

These switches in any position should allow the sub to operate. Even more baffling is that powering the thing up and down numerous times over the past 3 days made no difference. I had to toggle those switches.

Another RIDICULOUS thing is they expect you to enter your credit card number, expiration date, CCV security code, and billing address on a .RTF document to submit to get an RMA number. Yes that's right a company this large chooses to store unsecured documents with their customer's billing information in the most insecure format known to man. A text document. Shame on you Presonus. To make it even more pathetic you have to re-hash ALL THE INFORMATION you did in the original ticket on the stupid form. Presonus has about the ****tiest warranty replacement procedure I have ever seen EVER.

I dunno about you guys but I'd NEVER enter my card information into something like this. Just pitiful.
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