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On this method I could theoretically attenuate after its summed and then go through the pre. I imagine this is more stable than cascading them.

You are one of two people out of maybe 30 that understand what I'm getting at. So I appreciate it.

I could probably come up with some experiment to see if the cascading or the attenuation add any appreciable noise opposed to straight through the mic pre.
Summed from where? Are you talking about analog summing? With analog summing, you send a ton of outputs from (preferably very high quality) DA outputs at line level from your DAW, into a "summing box" which is just a bunch of analog inputs with resistors that sums to only two outputs. Because of all the resistors, the outputs need to be gained up again, so you run the two outputs through any preamps of your choice. I would highly recommend against going this route, but if you're dead set, look at the Roll Music Folcrom.

In general I'd really try to keep it simple, unfortunately there's no way to really "hack" or cheat the system and that is doubly-true for proper gain staging. The mic-level stuff is just too weak of a signal to do anything usable with, ESPECIALLY so if you're worried about noise floor and no distortion and good clean signal. I'd just stick with the norms for now, I promise you that is the way to go. Pinky swear.

Talk more about your actual practical goals here, I'm still not sure I understand, do you want to have 1 mic to try with a bunch of different preamps, or just buy ONE really good preamp, and have everything go into that in a usable/practical way, or...? Talk more about your goals in this area, and I bet there are much more "tried and true" ways to accomplish it, and perhaps even "hack" it a little bit with some super-under-the-radar gear that's out here now a days.

From personal experience any time I get too deep into a rabbit hole and can't find any info or anyone else doing it a certain way, it's a signal I'm doing something probably wrong, not creative, just wrong and I'll pay for it later either monetarily by re-buying stuff or buying stuff I didn't need or pay for it with bad results or overly-complex workflow. You can get killer home studio stuff today without spending an arm and a leg, keep an open mind! Good luck.