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Don't buy Presonus speakers - Presonus support even worse

They're horrible.
They fail.
Their support is horrible.
It costs you the consumer money to send them in for repair.

I'm on my THIRD set of Presonus Eris E8's. One smoked, burned, and stunk. Another rattled like crazy. Two more each had failed tweeters. Just last week my 38 day old Temblor T10 sub died.

I opened a support ticket last THURSDAY. It's now about close of business on MONDAY and I still don't have an RMA #. What's infuriating is when you take the time to write out a support ticket and explain the steps you have taken and supplied ALL NECESSARY information and they still respond with a copy and paste response asking me to check cables, and power, and the gain knob. If they had read my initial ticket it was clear those steps were unnecessary due to the nature of the failure. Maybe tomorrow I can send them off? It's a ridiculous support system, slow, useless, and generally just obstructing the process.

When they finally maybe decide to grace me with an RMA I get to pay money out of my pocket to ship the thing in for repair.

Also before anyone says, maybe it's my fault this is happening I have taken every step to ensure I run them at conservative levels, turn them off when not in use, and I even purchased a dedicated 1U hardware limiter to protect them. It doesn't matter. The speakers are ****.

DON'T BUY PRESONUS SPEAKERS. In fact don't buy anything PResonus because even though my experience with their mixers and interfaces has been acceptable every single time I attempt to use their support I am faced with barriers, hoops, un-response, inattention, delays, red tape, and general bull****.

Never again PResonus. I think once everything is working, mixer, interface, speakers, and sub I'll sell the whole mess to some unsuspecting fool.

I'm done.