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It might be easier to talk more about what you hope to achieve or gain, or what workflow you're talking about. I'm not following what it is you want the "goal" to be here. You want to... record a mic and then "try out" various preamps? Or you want to "reamp" a recorded part through various preamps? Or...?

Not sure I understand, but... I wouldn't do any processing at mic level. Use a "mic level to line level converter" which is simply a good clean-style preamp for clean/transparent gain up to line level. Then process at line level (eq, compression, etc. assuming you're wanting to mix outside the box? I also wouldn't recommend that. Inside The Box is the way to go if you're just starting out).

And if you want to then run it through some different preamps, since you're at line level just use a Samson S-Patch patchbay and route the clean-gained line-level signal to any number of outboard preamps that can accommodate line level input signals. There are lots of preamps that can handle a line-level signal. For example the new Aurora Audio GTP1 which was just announced, and many of the CAPI preamps have a line/mic level switch, etc. It's a somewhat rare feature, but you're seeing it more and more. Let the preamp handle it, six in one hand a half dozen in the other. Same thing.

Not sure I'm understanding because I see no point to what is suggested, just keep it simple I say. Plug into a good preamp, then plug into another, and you'll have a favorite. If you don't have a favorite, then they're close enough it doesn't matter to you anyway.

"So ultimately, the purest way to get the microphones amplified goes full circle back to a console with the pres you choose, per channel."

Look hard at a 500-series rack. This might be what you're after. For example, look at these products that include some mixing/summing elements:

Workhorse - Radial Engineering

MCM8 II | Heritage Audio

SixPack - Radial Engineering

Cranborne Audio 500ADAT - ADAT expander, summing mixer, & 8-slot 500 series rack