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I think you may be referring to the boojum/jnorman technique that finds favour with some of us here (including the members its named after). The omnis are spaced according to the guidance given in Michael Williams' paper The Stereophonic Zoom and the pair in the middle is whatever coincident or near-coincident technique you prefer - ORTF, NOS, MS, etc. In my case, I almost always opt for MS. As has been pointed out, if the omnis are at the right distance from the source, the cards are not, and vice-versa, but the secret is to mix the inferior pair in at a lower level, usually -6 dB or more, so that they are just supporting the optimal pair. Thus, when the cards are predominant, the omnis add a bit more low end; when the omnis are the main pair, the cards are offering a bit more image precision. Like so many things in life, its a compromise but it is a very flexible rig when you don't have a lot of time or resources to perfect the mic position in the run-up to a live performance.
Perhaps this was it. Thanks for the info, link, and pic. I have read about it here on GS before. It's good to have this info in one spot.

According to my notes, it's similar to these varying Faulkner arrays that use two omnis...

Omnis 67 cm apart, directional Mics 47 cm apart, all four Mics angled out.

Omnis 2-3 feet apart flanking figure 8s (according to Bruce Bartlett).

Faulkner Modified ORTF: Omnis 67 cm apart angled out with ORTF in middle.