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Hi nick. Thank u very much for taking the time to post the results

Am I correct to assume that ur results are based without any interface connected? If u have the time can u please redo the test with a interface and post ur results?

I did the 96 test with a Motu 1248 interface and I could play only 1 track without glitches, so ur result is 22 times better. Which is kinda very impressive to me hehehe

Thanks and congratulations for ur system

Originally Posted by Nick.margiotta View Post
Thank you for the updated benchmark -

For any of those curious - Heres my results with the 2018 MBP i9 with 32GB RAM 1TB internal SSD and maxed out video card -

71 tracks @ 44.1 128 Medium Buffer
22 tracks @ 96k 128 Medium Buffer - Clean Playback
Frequency was clocking 3.3-3.6 Ghz occasional 3.8ghz.

I was hitting the wall on a session I was producing and mixing yesterday on this machine but after the benchmark it does seem to be right in line.

The session was 28 tracks @ 96k with 3 Vi's - a logic stock drum kit, the logic b3 and 1 instance of Kontakt action strikes (shaker)

Full automation written across most all of the tracks, LOTS OF UAD across the tracks from Lexicon, Manley, and the Studer. A few LA-2a's. It did also have quite a few tracks with flex time enabled (bass, a few of the guitar tracks, etc) and 3 sends with verb - UAD Lexicon, logic space designer, and sound toys little plate. Nothing on the stereo bus or the separate send mix bus.

I was disappointed to be hitting the wall at that low of track count on a $4k+ brand new Mac but I do have to remember:

1. its 96k its obviously going to be a hog.
2. there are many things I wasn't doing to help alleviate the strain- bouncing in place my flextimed tracks, utilizing track freezing, etc.
3. While I really would love the performance of the iMac Pro (I just upgraded from a rock solid iMac for my studio computer) - I cant stand the 27" display your stuck with, and the size of it is near impossible to take with you anywhere. One thing to love about the Mac Pro 2013, you can take it with you around the world to studios youll be working out of for an extended period of time!

Im hoping the new Mac Pro is similar in that it is either modular or relatively easy to ship/transport. One thing I DO really love about the 2018 mbp.

Im looking forward to putting the benchmark through its pace on other machines.