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Clearer imaging, if desired, can be accomplished with AB by experimenting with the mics spaced closer together, pointed outwards.
Ok, that's a good tip. Thanks. Is it due to the directionality of the upper frequencies?

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This is where Blumlein 90deg fig8s come into their own, all the spaciousness and location accuracy too, and the chance to use ribbons

I use Blumlein on smaller ensembles quite often and omnis & cardiods combined, in the Tony Faulkner array, most often for larger groups. Not so much omnis on their own, but I'm thinking that I ought to get into that more often!
I also enjoy Blumlein with ribbons for the reasons you state. The imaging with Blumlein is pure fun to listen to.

I need to experiment more with the card/omni Faulkner array, myself. Someone on GS, I remember reading, has espoused Blumlein combined with AB.