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I'm not so sure Protools can claim industry standard anymore. I'd wager more published music is made in Ableton and Logic than Protools now, given that hip hop/electronic/pop now have the lion's share of the market.

Protools was the DAW that replaced tape/ADAT and got itself into the old school professional service studios as the industry standard replacement. But that whole system is a long long long way off as the dominant one now.

I've been doing this a long time and only needed to use Protools once, for a remix of a track that wasn't completed yet where they sent me the in-progress Protools session.
You’re confusing markets.

PT has never claimed to be the “industry standard” for writers, beatnakers etc.

It’s the industry standard for recording. And still is - you don’t see commercial rooms running Live for ensemble recording.

Sure - there’s plenty of owner operator spaces running different DAWs, and yes smaller spaces/studio owning mix engineers make up a lot of the market.

But PT has never been “industry standard” there either.

Yes the “real recording in a proper studio” market has shrunk, and the number of people working at home grown. But there’s still really only one commercial studio world, and that world still runs PT.

There’s nothing else really with the same hardware, buffer free, low latency, integrated solution really. UAD is great for single overdubs, but I’d hate to have 40mics live on that system and try to keep track of it all through the cue mixer.