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It's interesting to compare Yannick's (mid-side I assume) recording of flute/piano with Shosty's spaced omnis clar/piano clip. The stereo imaging of the coincident recording, although refined and appealing, sounds less like the way that music sounds to a listener at a concert. It's as if the flute is an unnatural distance away from the piano, the two instruments sounding somehow isolated from one another.
I wonder if it's a case of the m-s pair responding differentially to the way the 2 instruments propagate within the does the flute tend to throw forward while the piano has stronger side dispersion (or at least more evenly between frontal and side throw) ?

Even if Yannick's sample wasn't m-s, it would be interesting to explore this with a flute/piano recording which was mid-side recorded.

A simple analysis of the individual mid and side components would reveal if this is the a very much mid-heavy vs a very side predominant mix and see if the flute 'jumps forward' or recedes back when the m-s balance is varied ?