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Wonderously myopic world view of music.
I’d love for you to pick out some actual numbers — say the artists at the top of Billboard and find out if they weren’t mixed or tracked in Pro Tools.
The myopia is found in the Protools users IME.

Go outside the billboard top 40 (where Protools shows up largely due to it being Serban’s and mannys current choice for mixdowns), into the Spotify playlists, iTunes Charts, Beatport charts, Hype machine charts, and modern music Sirius playlists and much of the music never touches Protools.

Most published music does not touch Protools these days. There is no dominant DAW, it’s a very even playing field. If i were to pull an estimate out my rear I’d say 30% or so of published music these days touches Protools. It was dominant during the rock era / full service studio era but most published music is not made that way anymore.

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