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I took 2 of her courses, one that was a three week challenge Facebook thing which was free. Part her model is to try to help people get their music up to snuff. But Cathy who is the one with one with the connections and knowledge does not run the classes. Her about 25 year old assistances do and Cathy pops in about once a month. I have more experience making and recording songs than everyone combined. The classes were like record a song in this style for this advertising need to pitch to x-y and z and post it on Facebook and we will tell you how good it is. If we like it enough we may want to pitch it.

Cathy has connections in the LA scene and she does run her own licensing company. She and her team are also musicians so your in a weird way competing with them for the same pitches. I spent money on a year long class that was supposed to have webinars with top licensing firms each month and other perks and lesson but as it turned out only 1 licensing firms webinar happened so I got a refund. I found the courses to be mostly pep talks, but I am already spending more than full time in the studio so I am already motivated. I find that I need to first and foremost record music with studio clients and second for the record label. We keep our minds open to sync options and she could get us a deal someday. She liked our work a lot.

They do for a fact get deals for people as they were mentioned in some of the private Facebook classes. She seems to focus on the higher paying deals as they listed the payouts which were in the $10,000 to $80,000.00 range. If you like a community of people to share your music with and get a listen to now and then by the Catch the Moon people and now and then critiqued it could be a good fit. Be aware that most the people are very raw regarding talent and recording knowledge. I found the sales pitches to pay for the next courses and wow have a great day emails from them to be disingenuous and - "not yet another sale pitch" but thats me. Mostly they seemed to be getting people to even be motivated to write a song and record at all. Listening to my music on their crappy lap top speakers during webinars did not give me the feeling they knew anything about audio. Then they were commenting on the bass, the mix, how well it was mastered. Such is the advertising music business I guess. You can see a lot of their videos on Youtube I believe.

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