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I've been using an EV RE20 on my tenor saxophone for over 30 years, both live and recording. I think it's the best all-around mic for tenor saxophone, trumpet, and trombone. It is extremely durable, and has a lot of depth to the sound if you EQ it right. I've used it on kick drum as well, but there are probably better choices. It has a low proximity effect, and can handle high sound pressure levels as well. I also own a couple of Sennheiser 441s, but I definitely prefer the sound of the EV for horns and low-end drums.
Interesting observation. Tried the SM7B on tenor sax recently for a live recording. Performed nicely. Maybe a little brash, but indeed a solid choice on sax. I'd love to compare it to an RE20 in this context, but have yet to acquire one. It's at the top of the list.

While the RE20 may indeed be the best "all-around" mic for tenor saxophone, it would be hard pressed to beat the sound of an RCA 77D, which of course is not as robust, being a ribbon mic. Also something like an RE20 or an SMB would certainly provide better off-axis rejection (making it a better choice as a stage mic). But in terms of tone and sweetness, the RCA 77D is something to behold.

Check out the clips I posted on this thread of a great saxophone player in front of a 77D: RCA 77D on Saxophone!! Clips!!

(sorry for veering off topic by mentioning a ribbon mic, but I can't hear about recording a saxophone without thinking about how damn good a 77D sounds on one)