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This is the complete team:
Tom Misner – Owner/Designer/Marketing
Bruce McBean - Design Team Leader
Stephen Crane - Mechanical Design
Grzegorz Rozek - Software Design
Rod Harris - Design Engineer
Murray Irvine - Design Engineer
Attila Acs – Website, Graphics & Photos
Dirk Terrill - Documentation

I had the pleasure to meet Bruce Millett a few times here in my studio in Italy.
He explained to me many things about cs75.
I had a Neve Genesys so I spoked via email many times with Robin Porter.
You can here from the interview in the video that Bruce says: the console was ORIGINALLY developed in conjunction with Robin Porter. ( are you saying Bruce is laying? Bruce Millett???)
So Robin Porter made an important contribution to the concept and layout of the console.
Then Tom Misner organized the operative team, and here Robin was not involved.
Well, if you have a direct line to Robin, I suggest emailing him and asking! I'm not accusing anyone of lying, as I said I'm only passing on information from the horse's mouth.

As I understand it, Bruce Millet was commissioned originally as the US service centre, and he ended up buying the rights to the business. He may well not have been told the story in detail himself! He certainly isn't in the team above.

That'll be my last word on the topic - but if you're interested, you certainly have the connections to find out more.

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But.. You used the cs75
Please tell us about sound..
People are more interested to know this aspect...
I really only used a few channels as a tracking console, in an unfamiliar studio. I liked the feel of it (if a touch fiddly compared to a vintage console). I liked the sound, but I couldn't tell you how close it would be to a true "vintage Neve". I certainly had no issues recording on it, and it was an enjoyable session. Never did quite work out the best way to set it up for monitoring - the record/mix buss is more confusing than it needs to be!