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I’ll repeat I don’t have a particular interest in this console or company - I’ve used one a few times, quite like it but that’s it.

I was asked to relay the above information on behalf of another member of the team, who wanted to correct this information.

I don’t need to watch a video from a 3rd party (or was Bruce Millet part of the design team? I don’t even know). I was asked to contribute the above by someone who was there.

So - either they’re for some reason making things up (I assure you this is not the case! I and anyone else who knows them would vouch for their professional integrity) or your 3rd hand info is incorrect.

But - why not contact Robin and ask him direct? If you’re not in a position to do that...maybe trust those who are?

At any rate, it’s not my intention to try to convince you - believe what you will. Anyone else reading this thread can choose who to believe, I’m just being asked to relay the facts from someone who was actually there, as opposed to opinion from those who weren’t. I wish I could be more specific but I’ve been asked not to reveal identities!
This is the complete team:
Tom Misner – Owner/Designer/Marketing
Bruce McBean - Design Team Leader
Stephen Crane - Mechanical Design
Grzegorz Rozek - Software Design
Rod Harris - Design Engineer
Murray Irvine - Design Engineer
Attila Acs – Website, Graphics & Photos
Dirk Terrill - Documentation

I had the pleasure to meet Bruce Millett a few times here in my studio in Italy.
He explained to me many things about cs75.
I had a Neve Genesys so I spoked via email many times with Robin Porter.
You can hear from the interview in the video that Bruce says: the console was ORIGINALLY developed in conjunction with Robin Porter. ( are you saying Bruce is laying? Bruce Millett???)
So Robin Porter made an important contribution to the concept and layout of the console.
Then Tom Misner organized the operative team, and here Robin was not involved.
But.. You used the cs75
Please tell us about sound..
People are more interested to know this aspect...

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